After tattoo removal treatment what should we better to do?


1. After the treatment, immediately apply ice to cool down (using ice cubes or ice packs) until you feel no heat. After going home, apply ice several times to prevent redness, swelling, and blisters. When applying ice, place a plastic wrap or gauze between the ice cube and the skin to prevent the skin from getting water.

2. Use medical repair skin care products 3-5 times a day, at least 7-10 days.

3. Before removing the scabs, do not touch the area after the operation with water, do not touch, and do not make up.After removing the scabs, it returned to normal.

4. Avoid heat stimulation within three days to avoid reheating and blistering.

5. Don't eat spicy seafood, tobacco and alcohol for a week.

6. Pay attention to sun protection and avoid exposure to the sun.


After do these, let us witness its effect together. Technology makes you more beautiful! 


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