How to do a carbon peeling facial treatment?


1. Make-up remover cleansing, clean face

2. Use a hot spray machine or hot towel to compress the pores

3. Apply the toner thinly and evenly, avoiding hairy areas, and then dry (about 8-10 minutes)

4. Change to the black treatment head for carbon peeling, the energy can be adjusted from 200mj (adjust the energy according to the situation, until the toner can be cleaned), frequency 4 hz (according to the hand speed, slow down if you feel fast, and speed up if you feel slow). The treatment head is perpendicular to the skin at a height of 3-4 cm, one spot is pressed against one spot in order, until the toner is cleaned.

5. After the operation, clean the face with facial cleanser, and then apply a facial mask to moisturize the skin.


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