How to test the machine and maintain it after use?


1. How to test whether the machine is operating normally?

Switch the machine back and forth 2-3 times, each time you need to enter the working interface, and then wait for about 4-5 seconds, to confirm that you can hear the sound of water flowing inside the machine and the handle.

2. Instrument regular water change process

Change the water once a month. Open the drain hole and release half of the water, then tighten the drain hole. After that open the overflow hole, insert the water injection funnel into the water injection hole  and fill it with water until the water flowing out smoothly from the overflow hole. When the water flow stops, tighten the overflow hole and pull out the filling pipe. 

3. Do I need to throw away the plug of the water injection hole?

Be sure to throw off the plug of the water injection hole, it should be open for air circulation, so that the water circulation inside the instrument can be smooth and offer a good cooling system during the treatment.

4. Maintenance after the carbon peeling treatment

After the carbon peeling treatment, you can use a cotton swab with a little saline or alcohol to wipe clean the filter gems inside the bald head to prevent blood or toner from being deposited on the filter gems, and the laser will not penetrate and affect the blasting effect.


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