March Expo.


   Long awaited March Expo will held at 21:00-23:00 on Mar.27th,2021.Till then we will push out our hot sale models on live. And the big promotion also will be sent to each ordering audience.

The two hot sale models will be sold on live.  One is Vacuum body shaping machine GL-V10 and the other one is 2 in 1 Diode laser + pico laser machine GE-N7.

GL-v10 has 4 handle tips. They can be used to the different parts of the body to tighten and improve the muscles to  make the skin tightening and delicate too. Of course,we will supply the live operation for the model.So, let's expect the super treat effect.

GE-N7 is with both hair removal and some pigmentations removal functions. We can choose the special  waves to remove according to the different kinds of hair characters. Pico laser is mainly to the tattoo and some other ink removal.

Whatever before or after sales, you will always experience our best and comfortable service.Choose us, please. Believe us and believe yourself.

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